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About Us


Hi!   Glad you dropped by for a visit!

Greetings!  We are Kevin and Betsy Fickel of Garner, Iowa, located in the north central part of the state about 25 miles south of the Minnesota border.  We live on 13 acres shared with our dogs, horses, cats, chickens, turkeyss, peacocks, and guineas, squirrels, rabbits,  and numerous other little critters of the wild.
We are the parents of four children and ten grandchildren. Three of our children live close by and another is stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. with the Army. We are so very honored and proud that two of our children had the courage to defend our freedoms and rights by serving in Iraq.  We praise God that they have since returned home safely and offer our prayers and condolences to those families whose loved one(s) gave the ultimate sacrifice.
We are so fortunate to have a daughter that lives close by that is our right hand person.  She and her children are a tremendous help and are on call whenever an extra hand is needed or we need to be out of town.  Our son and his family is also close by for assistance if needed.
New Hope Kennel began as a result of much encouragement from a close friend and mentor. Due to a horse accident and the resulting injuries, Betsy was no longer able to pursue the family hobby of raising, training, and showing horses. She had also been active in presenting clinics, giving private riding lessons, judging, announcing, and holding many positions in various horse clubs. She is  past vice president of the Iowa Pet Breeders Assoc.,  past president of the North Central Iowa Pet Professionals, past officer and board member of various other groups that promote animals. 
 Kevin remains active in team roping and motorcycling. Together, we enjoy trail riding, especially going to the mountains of Wyoming.
Golden Retrievers was the first breed to grace New Hope Kennel.  After having them for eight years, the decision was made to raise smaller breed dogs.
We raise both purebred and designer mix puppies with careful attention paid to health and temperament.  We strive to raise a pet that is happy, healthy, and will bring many years of joy to its family.  Our puppies are raised in a temperature controlled nursery where they are able to interact with other pups and moms and start learning doggie socialization.  They even get to watch TV!  When the weather permits, they love to romp, play, and explore.
In order to maintain the standards by which we raise our puppies, we feel it is crucial that we attend continuing education through seminars, workshops, and memberships in various dog groups. Our fantastic vets are on call 24 hrs., 7 days a week.
Yes, it takes commitment, a lot of hard work, and  some tears along the way to raise a high quality puppy. Is it really worth it?  You bet!!  What can be more rewarding than seeing  the spark come back into an elderly person's life when they have a trusted, faithful companion, or a person that has an understanding friend to come home to after a rough day of work, or  the teaching of respect and care of another living being to a child.
These are the goals of New Hope Kennel.  We sell our puppies as pets only, but have some that have gone on to be service, therapy, and show dogs.
Naturally, we couldn't do any of this if it wasn't for you - the people who allow New Hope Kennel to place a puppy into your loving arms.
Thank You!! 

Betsy & Kevin with their children Brian & Melissa, returned from Iraq serving with the US Army

 Betsy Fickel
Garner, Ia.