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Questions & Answers

Following are frequently asked questions with answers.  These are to help ease your puppy's transition from our home to yours.  Please keep in mind that these are general suggestions.  As the saying goes, "different strokes for different folks."  There is no one absolute right or wrong way to care for your puppy, as puppies are not rubber stamped and each has their own disposition.  If it works for your particular situation, great!  Just as long as your puppy is well cared for and loved.

1)  How do I reserve and pay for my puppy?        Deposits are accepted and usually are $100, but can be up to $200 depending upon the puppy. Deposit should be paid through Western Union, Wal Mart money gram, postal money order, or certified bank draft.  Remaining balance may be paid for the same way.  Sorry, we can no longer accept personal checks.   Receipts are emailed and you will be asked to print them out and keep for your records.  Deposits are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Should we receive your deposit after the acceptance of another one, yours will cheerfully be refunded, or applied to another puppy of your choice.   All monies, including shipping fees must be paid in full prior to shipping the puppy.

2)  How do I get my puppy?      If you can pick up your puppy, that's great!  We do offer delivery or to meet part ways within a 250 mile radius.  There is a 75 cent per mile one way trip charge for this service.  We do ship via airline, also.  Normally the fee is $290 and covers all expenses required for this type of shipping, including the 2 1/2 hr. drive to the airport. We make all the arrangements and notify you via email.  We try to book with the airline that has a facility closest to you. Please remember that most airlines will accept pets if the temperature is above 10 degrees or  below 85 degrees anywhere along the route.  This is for the safety of the animals.  When you pick up your puppy, be sure to bring some form of photo ID as that will help to ensure that YOU get YOUR puppy.  Some baby wipes may be a good idea, also, as some puppies do get travel sickness and they are more comfy if cleaned up a little.  Under NO circumstances are our puppies ever sedated for shipping.

3)  What if I change my mind?     We strongly urge you to first research the breed of puppy you want and the care requirements, and if that particular breed will fit your lifestyle. Not every breed is suitable for everyone. A good site for information is other things to consider prior to getting a puppy is landlord disputes, allergies, family disputes, etc. Deposits are non-refundable.  When you decide to get a puppy, you are agreeing to a commitment.

4)  What if I find I can't keep my puppy?    There are some circumstances in life that are beyond anyone's control.  We reserve the right of first refusal. We will also try to help you place your puppy if need be.

5)  Feeding, care, excercise, toys, potty training are some things that will be discussed with you personally, if you so desire.  There are a lot of good resources in your library and on the internet. If you have not had a new puppy experience before, or it has been many years since having a puppy, you may want to access these materials for review prior to your puppy's arrival.  Any questions in these regards, please don't hesistate to ask, as that is what we are here for, to give you support when needed. A good sight for advice in regards to your particular questions is   

6)  Until your puppy is at least 16 wks. old and has completed the puppy shot series, please try not to take him to public places where he can pick up a "bug" as his immune system is very immature.

7)  We do offer a health warranty.  Please see the warranty page.

8)  Consistency is the key in everything you do with your new little friend. It helps him settle into a routine and makes training much easier.

9)  Above all, remember your puppy........and you, will survive mistakes. Training of your puppy, either through puppy or obedience classes, will make for a well adjusted, happy pet.  Again, the library and internet have excellent resources.

10)  One more thing, at New Hope Kennel we do enjoy hearing about your puppy's new life and really, really like pictures.  We appreciate periodic updates.  Thanks!





 Betsy Fickel
Garner, Ia.  50438