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   ****Puppy is warranted to be free of any known disease or defects, unless otherwise noted, at time of sale.  Buyer has 72 hrs. to take puppy to a licensed vet of buyer's choice and at buyer's expense to validate this warranty.  Documentation must be provided upon request as proof of this having been done.  Should puppy be found to have a disease/genetic defect rendering it unfit as a pet, it shall be returned for a refund/exchange, seller's choice, at buyer's expense.  Every effort is made to insure the puppy's health and well being.  Seller is not responsible for any stress/environmentally induced disorders such as, but not limited to, kennel cough, pneumonia, hypoglycemia, allergies, parasites, etc., anything that is beyond seller's control once puppy leaves seller's premises.            
   It is strongly advised that the puppy series of shots be administered prior to public exposure.
    Buyer understands and agrees to provide proper nutrition, care, exercise, and medical attention appropriate for breed and age of puppy.
   Seller warrants above puppy for one (1) year from date of birth, against genetic defects rendering it unfit as a pet.  The defect must be of a true genetic nature and not environmentally induced in any way.  Should genetically caused death occur within the first year, a necropsy is required and all supporting documentation must be provided upon request.  Any and all documentation for all above stated reasons must be available upon request and subject to review by seller's vet.
   In the event of refund/exchange, puppy must be returned to seller's ownership, uninjured and free of communicable disease along with all paperwork, signed to return puppy to seller's ownership.  Puppy must have had proper care at all times.  A $45 processing fee will apply and will be withheld from purchase price.
   At no time will seller's liability exceed the original purchase price of pup, shipping fees excluded, nor be liable for any consequential damages of any sort including vet fees.  Puppy is sold striclty as a pet only.
   Buyer has read and understands that a puppy is a commitment, and that allergies, family problems, landlord disputes, behavioral problems, etc. do no constitute grounds for refund/exchange.  Seller has first right of refusal.
   This warranty constitutes the complete warranty between New Hope Kennel and buyer, and no other representations, promises, warranties apply either stated or implied.  Provisions of this warranty shall be interpreted and construed in accordances with the laws and provisions of the state of Iowa, with venue  and litigation concerning this warranty to be limited to Hancock County, IA.
Seller has read and agrees to the above provisions of this warranty.

** Until warranty has been revised to reflect within the body of it, the following will also apply:

Minimal deposit of $100  to hold a puppy.  It is nonrefundable, but applied to purchase price, unless said pup is found to be medically unsuitable as a pet or dies.  If full price is paid and for whatever reason the buyer refuses the puppy, the comparable deposit, dependent upon price of puppy, and a $50 processing fee will be applicable and subtracted from the purchase price prior to any refund.
Method of refund is at seller's discretion.

Should buyer decide to not want the puppy for whatever reason, a minimal 24 hrs. prior to release/ship date, written  notice to that effect with stated reason as to why, must be received by the seller.  If this condition is not met, then the above terms along with  transport costs  to ship (such as trip to airport or transport company). will apply.  Refusal or change of mind will immediately return full ownership of said puppy to the seller.

Should buyer have change of mind and want the puppy, the process will be treated as a new purchase and there will be no guarantee of puppy's availability.


IMPORTANT!  Any wrongful information given by buyer during the purchasing process such as name address, phone number, contact information, payment information, shipping information,  etc. may be construed as attempted fraud, theft, harassment, etc. and may be subjected to prosecution to the fullest extent allowable by law.  In the event the buyer has given  wrongful information, every attempt by written notice, which includes both the old and corrected information, date, time, and signature,  must be given to the seller prior to shipment or release of a puppy to avoid possible prosecution.

Refer to the website for further terms and conditions such as purchase method and holding of pup.

The new additions (***) take precedence over  comparable portions of current warranty.

Effective immediately.

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